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Did The Simpsons Predict Silicon Valley Bank’s Bankruptcy?


  • In the original image, the sign above the building reads First Bank of Springfield.

Recently, the bankruptcy of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) had a huge impact on the financial market. This caused fluctuations in stock market shares and cryptocurrencies.

While experts were evaluating this event that affected the whole world, an interesting claim spread on social media. Internet users claimed that the Simpsons series, which is often on the agenda with its prophecies, also knew about this event in advance.

Sharing claiming that the Simpsons knew beforehand about the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank. (Archived Tweet)

We search it.

Did The Simpsons Foreshadow The Collapse Of The Silicon Valley Bank?

This claim about the world-famous satirical cartoon series The Simpsons, which is frequently on the agenda with its prophecies, is on the agenda. The bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank had aroused quite a stir in the media recently. When we examine the foreign posts, there is a common opinion that the Simpsons knew about this event in advance.

When we look carefully at the video, we see that there is an assembly mark on the sign. In other words, the possibility of digital manipulation of the video is quite high. First of all, we start researching the relevant scene of the relevant episode to examine it.

Original screenshot of the alleged Simpsons foretelling the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank. In the episode, we understand that the name of the bank is “First Bank of Springfield”.

It is possible to reach the scene of “The PTA Disbands” as of 11:53 in Episode 21 of Season 6, which aired on April 16, 1995. The name of the bank is written as First Bank of Springfield… In other words, the Silicon Valley Bank text was added to the scene with a montage.

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