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Does the Photo Show a HAARP Ship?


  • The floating platform in the photo is not a HAARP ship.
  • The platform in the photo is a floating radar called SBX. The SBX sends an early warning to the US military in case of movement across the ocean.

The earthquakes that took place in Kahramanmaras, Turkey on February 6, 2023, affected 11 cities on a large scale. Earthquakes, which cause serious loss of life and property, have been on the agenda for a while. Of course, when there is an earthquake, there is also material for conspiracy theorists. They claim that some outside forces related to the disaster of the century created the earthquake with a ‘secret’ technology called HAARP.

Moreover, they do not hesitate to put forward some vague information to justify these absurd claims. A vehicle shared with the claim of the HAARP ship is one of them… We examined what this vehicle is, which is constantly shared on television channels, news sites, and social media accounts.

One of those images in the spread about the vehicle:

(Archived Post)

Is the Vehicle in the Photo a HAARP Ship?

But is this floating vehicle really a HAARP ship, as conspiracy theorists suggest? To examine this, we first use the reverse image search method. Then we come across some resources in English. According to Geekwire’s report, the floating vehicle in these photos is a transoceanic radar platform.

Geekwire’s SBX radar news. (Archived Page)

Geekwire wrote about this radar platform:

“SBX Radar is one of the sensors of our country’s missile defense system. Its mission is to detect ballistic missile threats and transmit this information to the combat management, command, control and communication system for missile defense.”

It is stated on the Wikipedia page that this floating platform, named Sea-based X-band Radar (SBX), is an early warning system. In other words, in case of a shift across the ocean, it informs the US military thanks to early warning. So it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a “floating radar”.

Wikipedia Source

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