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Does the Photo Show Shirley Slade in 1943?


  • The photo does not show the female fighter pilot named Shirley Slade.
  • The photo is of a woman named Casey Drabble posing for a magazine called Men’s File.

One day, while circulating on social media, we came across an interesting photo on Twitter. The owner of the post stated that the photo was taken in 1943, that is, during the Second World War. In the statement, we also see that the woman in the photo is 22 years old and a bomber pilot. “So what’s weird here?” We hear you say. The strange thing is that this picture is so clear. Of course, there were female fighter pilots at that time, too. In fact, we can cite Sabiha Gokcen, one of the important values ​​of our country, as an example. Gokcen is not only Turkey’s but also the world’s first female fighter pilot.

(Archived Tweet)

The Woman in the Photo is “Casey Drabble”

We first search for the photo using the reverse image search method. Social media users shared this photo with the same explanation on Facebook, just like other channels of the internet. However, with one difference, a brave internet person wrote the facts about the photo under this post.

The user commented that this person’s name was “Casey Drabble” and that the photo was taken by Nick Clements for Men’s File magazine. After that, it feels like ripping socks off, we search for the woman’s name on Google, and social media accounts quickly.

Casey Drabble, in his Instagram account dated January 1, 2016, stated that he posed for the magazine while wearing a fighter pilot costume. In addition, it is possible to access Drabble’s photo on the corporate Instagram account of the magazine named “Men’s File”. Therefore, the photo does not belong to female fighter pilot Shirley Slade, as claimed.

Meanwhile, a funny detail caught our attention. How much is Casey Drabble herself now “Aren’t you Shirley Slade?” was asked, “I am not Shirley Slade.” had to write.

We don’t know if this disinformation about the lady in this photo is Shirley Slade. Moreover, when we search for this name on Google, we clearly see that there is no similarity between the two women. Who was this Shirley Slade?

Slade is an American female fighter pilot who used the B-26 and B-39 in World War II. These two vehicles are one of the most important bomber-type attack aircraft of their time.


Real Shirley Slade – posing for Life magazine. July 1943

At that time, the United States was facing a serious shortage of pilots, so it created an experimental program to replace men with female pilots. The group of female pilots was called Female Air Force Service Pilots (WASP). Shirley Slade became one of the 1,100 people trained to fly the B-26 and B-39. The young pilot’s photo appeared on the cover of Life magazine in 1943 when he was 23 years old.

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