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Does the Video Show the Moment of Marianne Bachmeier’s shot?


  • The footage is taken from a movie called “Der Fall Bachmeier – Keine Zeit für Tränen”, which tells the dramatic story of Marianne Bachmeier.

You may have heard the phrase “revenge is a dish best served cold”. This word can be used for almost anything. People talk about revenge not only for actions involving race but also for hurting someone. Even tit-for-tat; to take someone’s life.

A video has been released showing the moment a woman named Marianne Bachmeier fired her gun in the courtroom. In the allegation, Bachmeier shot a man who raped and then killed his 7-year-old daughter in front of everyone in the courtroom. The accused dies instantly. Whatever the image of this event, which took place in 1981, suddenly appears in the 2020s.

(Archived Tweet)

The description of the video shared by many users on Twitter is as follows:

Germany, 1981. Marianne Bachmeier murders the murderer in front of the judge in the courtroom after she raped her 7-year-old daughter. Probably the most impressive image I’ve ever seen.

We held a magnifying glass to see if this video shared by internet users, which made a very realistic impression, was real.

The Video is From a 1984 Drama Movie That Tells the Story

First of all, we look at whether there is such a video of Marianne Bachmeier to investigate the subject. When we search for the subject with keywords, we cannot find any concrete evidence except some photographs after the incident in the court.

Then, by taking a screenshot from the video, we search for the subject using the reverse image search method on Google. In his tweet, a user stated that the source of this video is a movie called Der Fall Bachmeier – Keine Zeit für Tränen. The title of the movie is “The Bachmeier Case – No Time for Tears” in English. We search the movie on YouTube to confirm the information. Fortunately, someone has uploaded the full version of this almost 40-year-old movie.

It is possible to watch the relevant scene as of 1:19:28:

Although it looks realistic and is attributed to Marianne Bachmeier, these images are from a movie about the event. People enjoy telling stories of dramatized events, though they don’t know for sure. This is an indisputable fact. We wondered what happened to Bachmeier later in the story. He spent 3 years of his life in prison after this incident. Bachmeier died of cancer in 1996. His grave was located next to his daughter Anna in Lübeck.

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