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Does Image Show Elon Musk and Mary Barra Dating?


  • The user who first shared the post stated that he created the image with an artificial intelligence-based image creation software called Midjourney AI.

The other day, we wrote an article about how artificial intelligence can lead to wrong results. The image of Pope Francis wearing a white coat went viral. Of course, with our simple research, we discovered that someone did this with an artificial intelligence robot. Well what they say, is don’t believe everything you see.

We came across a strange post on Twitter today. The post claimed that Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Twitter, is dating Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors Company. This hit news went viral pretty quickly, as you can imagine.

The image was shared with the claim of Elon Musk and Mary Barra. (Archived Tweet)

We researched this photo.

Does Photo Show Elon Musk and Mary Barra Dating?

First of all, “Are Elon Musk and Mary Barra dating?” We write a simple search result. However, we did not find any significant findings. On top of that, we look at the description in the Tweet.

Twitter user Allyourtech states that he created this and similar photos himself.

Images shared with the claim that Elon Musk and Mary Barra are dating.

In addition, Musk gave a humorous response to this tweet, “Also … I would never wear that outfit”

(Archived Tweet)

The owner of the share stated that he designed these photos with the Midjourney AI software, which we mentioned in our previous claims. However, although we do not have this information, if we look at the image in detail, we notice some artificial distortions in the image. This shows that artificial intelligence is still developing.

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