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Does Image Show Pope Francis Wearing A White Coat?


  • The image is not real.
  • The image was produced by an artificial intelligence software called Midjourney AI.

As we all know, the reality of artificial intelligence is getting to a scary point day by day. However, artificial intelligence does not only produce beautiful designs. It also produces deceptive, ‘as if it were real’ photographs. Of course, as you know, internet users are very interested in sharing everything they see without question.

The so-called photograph of Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Church, wearing a white coat was also on viral. Although many users find this image shared by news sites and social media pages ridiculous, the number of believers is too high to be underestimated.

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We held a magnifying glass in this photo.

Is the Photograph of Pope Francis Wearing a White Coat Real?

Popes usually wear a white robe and a white mitre. The current spiritual leader, Pope Francis, is of course no different. So, is this photo that shows the Pope as if he just stepped out of a fashion show real? As we begin to examine this, we first write simple expressions such as “Pope”, and “White Coat”. However, we could not find any findings in either Turkish or English. Then we scan the photo on Google using the reverse image search method and we reach some results.

Source: Reddit (Archived)

According to our findings, a user previously shared the photo on the “r/midjourney” subreddit on Reddit. In our analysis, we have stated that some of the photographs we made before, which are thought to be real, were produced by some artists with Midjourney AI. Midjourney AI, in short, is an artificial intelligence-based image creation software. It is possible to create unique photos by giving some key concepts and guidelines.

It is also possible to access other AI-based images of the Pope:

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