Privacy Policy

As Buyutec, we have a transparent understanding. For this reason, with this privacy policy, we care that our users do not have any questions about the use and protection of their personal information on our website.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text-formatted files that are stored by the website on the device or network server via the browser when a website is visited. Cookies are used to remember the preferences of the user browsing the website and not to be asked for certain information over and over each time he enters the site. Thanks to this stored information, search engines offer more personalized experiences to websites. When you use the website, we assume that you approve these cookies. Magnifier stores your cookies for six months and shares them with the Google search engine.

Data Retention Policy


Buyutec is an independent organization that works within the scope of an impartial methodology and is based on a voluntary basis. The content on the site is published in accordance with Turkish laws without any discrimination. Magnificient has the right to hide news, opinions, or comments within the scope of the subject covered. It evaluates the requests for the removal of data containing personal or corporate information published on the site. If it contains an illegal situation, it will be removed from the broadcast.

Magnifier is responsible for the content it publishes. Therefore, the publication policy must be transparent, verifiable, and questionable. For this reason, in case of any wrong-incomplete information in the content or any situation that may cause misunderstandings, it shares the contact address with the users in order to be able to edit the relevant content.

  • You can send a correction request to this e-mail address for the content published in Magnifying Glass.
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