What is Buyutec?

Buyutec (magnifying glass) is a scientific instrument that makes it easier to look at an object from different angles rather than bringing it closer. Of course, it is difficult to pass over this concept in such a short phrase. The rapid movement of social media and journalism has increased the need for this instrument even more. On the other hand, Büyükteç, unlike its counterparts, is an independent and impartial organization that adopts the principle of providing digital journalism in an objective way and presenting it to its readers.

What’s in the Buyutec?

The first and most important principle of Müzeyyen is not to use clickbate headlines, which has become an ordinary habit of traditional journalism and turns the media and communication into an information ‘junk’.

Magnifier takes care to present the trending content in the media in a plain and unadorned manner. As it is known, news platforms see no harm in stealing the time of their readers instead of presenting the current news. This roundabout reporting comes from click-through anxiety. Magnifying Glass gives importance to its readers who want to reach information and adopts the philosophy of ‘concise’ journalism.

Magnifying Glass is a platform for news, fact-checking and article publishing. In the context of publishing, its content is based on the aim of being both up-to-date and useful to the public. While doing this, it has adopted a methodological approach that is completely impartial, transparent, questionable and verifiable. In addition, it is a platform that is open to innovations and corrections, not only to stick to one opinion, but also to consult many sources, exchange ideas with experts in the methods it uses while creating its articles.

We’re magnifying!


Last update 03.15.2023

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