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Did Aamir Khan Distribute 15.000 Rupees In Flour Bags?


  • The claim that Aamir Khan hid 15,000 rupees in flour bags and distributed them to people is unfounded.
  • While this claim was on the agenda before, Aamir Khan denied the claims by saying that nothing like this had happened on his Twitter account.

Aamir Khan is undoubtedly one of the few names that come to mind when they say Bollywood cinema… While surfing the internet recently, we came across a post about him. The post says that Aamir Khan hid 15,000 rupees in bags filled with flour and distributed it to poor people. It’s hard to understand why he made such an enigmatic game instead of donating money directly to those in need. However, people say that this post is real, “You are great, Aamir Khan!” They even accepted it with sentences like this…

(Archived Tweet)

The description added to the page’s post is as follows:

Aamir Khan donated bags of 1kg flour to the people in need. Since it’s just 1kg, only the poorest person came to take it. But he had hidden 15000 Rupees($200) inside of them so the money went to those who really needed it.

Is this post real or is it just a story someone made up to get hits? We were curious and magnified this claim.

Aamir Khan Denies Rumors That He’s Helping Money in Flour Bags

To examine this claim, it first Googles key keywords such as “Aamir Khan”, “Flour bags” and “15,000 rupees”. Then, we see that this claim made about the famous producer in the news of Amarujala, which broadcasts in Hindi, has been spreading since 2020. We are currently unable to view Aamir Khan’s Twitter address. However, the statement tweet, which denied this claim, is in the internet archive.

Aamir Khan’s (Archived Tweet)

Khan used the following statements regarding this situation:

Guys, I am not the person putting money in wheat bags. Its either a fake story completely, or Robin Hood doesn’t want to reveal himself! Stay safe. Love. a.

Therefore, we see that these shares are nothing more than a cool story. It seems that internet users do not hesitate to produce fake news to praise someone again…

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