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Is Upside Down Sikorsky S-70 Helicopter Photo Real?


  • The photo is REAL.
  • In this footage recorded in 1988, Turkish Gendarmerie Pilot Major Yusuf Keles makes the helicopter rolled over.

We saw a very interesting photo on Twitter. We see that Pilot Major Yusuf Keles made the Sikorsky S-70 model helicopter in the TAF’s inventory rollover. We know that attack aircraft such as the F-16 Falcon and the Eurofighter Typhoon turn upside down in the air while performing public demonstrations. So, is it possible to do the same in a helicopter with relatively low maneuverability?

We examined the background of the photo.

(Archived Tweet)

The Photo is Real and was Taken in 1989

First of all, we make a review on Twitter with special words such as “Sikorsky S-70”, “Yusuf Keles”, and “Loop” to investigate the subject in more detail. As a result, we see that this post was shared on Gendarmerie’s Twitter account in 2018. The gendarmerie wrote this tweet using reversed characters, just like the helicopter in the image.

Source: T.R. Gendarme Twitter Account (Archived Tweet)

We do the same search on Google and find the story of this photo.

First of all, this aircraft is the Sikorsky-S70 model. The helicopter enters the TAF inventory in 1988. However, during the delivery of the helicopters, the engineers of the American company Sikorsky say that the S-70 model cannot perform loop moves. Of course, the Turkish pilots of the Gendarmerie General Command, who heard this word and examined the helicopter that came to the TAF, say that it is possible to do somersaults with this model. Allegedly, between the engineer who designed the helicopter and the Turkish pilots, the issue goes to stubbornness “I can’t do it”. Gendarmerie Pilot Major Yusuf Keles, who received permission from the upper authority, has an empty weight of 5 thousand 347 kg. The Sikorsky S-70, serial number 73101329, rolls over.


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