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Is the Person who Painted while Swimming Salvador Dali?


  • The person swimming in the photo is not Salvador Dali.
  • The photo was taken in 1997 in the Venice area. The person who paints while swimming in the water is an Italian painter named Alberto Cristini.

While surfing the internet, we came across a rather strange photo. The post was about Salvador Dali, one of the important names of the surrealism movement in painting, which many art lovers know well. Allegedly, this photograph of Salvador Dali was taken while he was painting in the water. It is widely claimed that this person, whom we cannot remember because his back is turned, is Dali.

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Salvador Dali is indeed someone with extraordinary talent and character. An example of this is that he keeps an anteater as a pet and takes it wherever he goes. But did he do such a crazy thing? Believe me, we do not know this and we are not satisfied with this information.

That’s why we said let’s get a magnifying glass.

It’s Not Salvador Dali Who Painted While Swimming in Water; “Alberto Cristini”

The user who shared the post explained: “1947, Salvador Dali paints while swimming in Venice.” added the statement. So we have keywords like “Salvador Dali”, “1947” and “Venice”. We’re researching this on Twitter. Then we see that this post has been spreading with the same expressions before. It seems that internet users have acquired the habit of sharing this photo at regular intervals.

Since we couldn’t find any information on Twitter, we continue to magnify with the reverse image search method.

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A Facebook page named TAtchers’ ART Management also shared this photo with one difference: “With real information”. In the post of the page, we access information that the person in this image is Alberto Cristini. Alberto Cristini posted the full version of the photo as if to officially say “This is me” in the comments.

Alberto Cristini – painting in the Procida region (2021)

When we search for Cristini on Google, we find her Instagram account and then the relevant post. In the photo, Cristini is painting in water with her back turned. However, even if the claimed location, i.e. Venice, is correct, the year is completely wrong. Because this photo of Painter Cristini is from 1997.

When we researched his life story, we found that it was quite inspiring. In an article by AsiaOne about herself, this situation is described as follows:

Mr. Cristini is unique for another reason. He suffered from severe sclerosis when he was young and had an operation to put titanium bars in his spine.

“That’s why I swim to keep fit. I never let this get me down.”

Swim painting is nothing new for Mr. Cristini, who also sculpts.

He started in 1997 when he painted the Venetian Lagoon – on shore at first. He then got into the water for a different perspective.

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